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Llama drama home decor idea

Easy LLAMA Home Decor Idea

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials @ scraobooknerd.com

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials

Hello there crafty friends,
It’s Joy here today with a quick and easy home decor project using a new favourite of mine…a cute little Alpaca!

For this project I’m thinking of this guy as a Llama so I can use a trendy quote reference.

scxrapbooknerd.com supply listOne sheet of pattern paper, one sheet of cardstock, a picture frame, a ruler, a black pen, some Heidi Swapp Colour Shine, and a feature creature or other image.

I will warn you, my Llama is stolen!
Yep, I stole it with permission before shipping out an order of Crate Paper Good Vibes products to team member Nathalie DeSousa. Thanks for giving me your Llama Nathalie.

First I found my sentiment/quote online. There are a few llama sayings floating around the web, SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR LLAMA and NO DRAMA LLAMA which I thought were fun. But I came across a t-shirt photo with a llama in glasses and the saying ‘this llama doesn’t want your drama’.

Step 2-  was to measure my photo frame and my Llama to figure out placement.
Step 3 & 4 – I printed out my sentiment and cut down the papers to fit my frame.
I left a 1″ border around the white cardstock to show off the Cactus paper.

Step 6 – I wanted some dimension so I added a piece of craft foam to the back of the white cardstock before glueing it to the pattern paper.

Step 7 – I added some Heidi Swapp colour shine by using the nozzle and tapping it to get some splatter. 

Step 8 – I added some extra liquid adhesive to the back of the chipboard Llama to make sure it stayed in place.

Step 9 – I adhered the white cardstock to the pattern paper and put it into the fame.
That’s it, pretty easy right?

Llama Drama home decor idea by Joy for ScrapbookNerd.com

Thank you for stopping by the SN blog today, I hope you got inspired.
If you have any questions I’m just a comment away.
Joy @scrapbooknerd.com

scxrapbooknerd.com supply listOne sheet of pattern paperone sheet of cardstock, a picture frame, a ruler, a black pen, some Heidi Swapp Colour Shine, and a feature creature or other image.


Home Decor – Quote Sign

mixed media Monday at scrapbooknerd.com

Hello nerds,
Joy here today with a home decor project that is a great gift idea or a project to keep for yourself. Making your own quote board or sign at home can be easy to do with stencils.
You can buy a stencil or cut your own with a digital die cutting machine, for my project today I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut the quote from cardstock.
Mixed Media quote, home decor idea

I set my machine to double cut to be sure to get a nice cut on the fine detail on some of the letters. The stencil is cut from white 12×12 cardstock and can be reused, be sure to keep the inside cuts on the letters.

Stencil cut on Silhouette Cameo

The key to clean crisp lines when stenciling is to use a dry sponge or brush with a small amount of paint. You can always go back in with another coat of paint. You can see on my project there is some paint bleeding, I should have removed some more of the paint from my sponge.
You can cover the paint bleed after with a small detail brush and the paint you use on the base of your project.  

Because my project is distressed, the extra paint looks okay and goes with the overall feel I was going for when I created the background with acrylic paint and doilies.

I used white paint and a brayer to add some highlights. I held the brayer with a very light touch so it would just skim across the surface.  When everything was dry I went in with a stamp to add some subtle texture and interest. I chose an ink colour similar to the paint colour so it would blend in. 

If you have any question about how this came together, please let me know in your comment.
Thank you for stopping by the SN blog today, I hope you give this a try.

Joy @ scrapbooknerd.com ScrapbookNerd.com

Lightbox Play – With Barb


Hello everyone!  Welcome to another Scrapbook Nerd Academy with Scrapbook Nerd.

For any of you out there who have seen my Instagram account, or those who know me personally, you know that I am completely addicted to my Heidi Swapp Lightbox!  I love to change it up and leave different messages, or to celebrate a special occasion.  Sometimes, however, what I want to share just isn’t in the premade tiles or strips. Sometimes I just want a pretty background for a message.  On those occasions I head for my computer and print off what I’m looking for.  In this tutorial, I will share just how easy that is.

First, here’s a look at the light box sign I created for this tutorial. I have used the Heidi Swapp original light box, and two of the different Heidi Swapp letter sets.

In order to customize your signs, or to add your own backgrounds or images, you will need inkjet transparencies.  You can find these at any office supply store.

The first thing I do, when looking to add a background image, is head to google images and just start searching for an image related to what I plan on saying on my message. When looking for an image, you want to make sure that the size is large enough. If the image is only 500 pixels x 500 pixels, then it will become very pixelated once you try and make it bigger. An image like this would be fine if you just wanted to print out a small icon, but not for a background.

HINT – in order to see how big the image is, just hover your curser over the image and the dimensions should pop up.  If not, once you save the photo, you can check the size in the image properties. If you’re having problems seeing the size, you should be able to tell if it’s going to look pixelated once you put it into your editing programme and make it larger.)

Once you find your image, save the image, or copy and paste it right into your publishing programme.  When I’m doing my light box sign images, I find it easiest to just copy the image and paste it right into my word programme.

Then I just drag and make my image the size I want.

If you are doing a full-sized background image, like I did on my sign, you will want your image to be no more than 9 inches tall.

Print your photo onto the transparency according to the package instructions. The inkjet transparencies have a coating on the printing side. If you wish to have the smooth side facing out, you will need to mirror your image.  I find that it doesn’t matter when its placed in the lightbox, as you can’t tell, so I print it as it is. However, there are times when I do want the shiny side out, so I will mirror the image.

Once the image is printed you will need to cut the image into three to be able to slide in into the tracks on the lighbox. This is where it can get tricky.

Each track measures about 2 7/8ths high. So, you will need to cut each strip to measure 2 7/8″ high. However, between each track, there is a 1/4″ gap. The photo below shows the side of the lightbox where you can see the gap between each track.

You need to account for the tracks when making your cuts.  If you just cut your image, without taking out the 1/4″ strip between the tracks, your image will look stretched out.  For some images, this won’t matter, but in the case of a photo

To make your cuts:

  1. Make your first cut straight across at the top of your image with your trimmer.
  2. From your first cut measure 2 7/8″ down and cut straight across with your trimmer. That strip should slide right into the top track. It its slightly too big, just trim a little off until it slides in easily.
  3. For the second strip, you will need to cut a 1/4″ off the top of the remaining image piece to account for the 1/4″ track.  (the photo below, which is actually my bottom strip, show me cutting off the 1/4″ to account for the track. without doing this, your image will look stretched out once placed into the lightbox.)
  4. Then you will cut your 2 7/8″ strip for the middle piece. Trim, slightly, if needed, to make it fit.
  5. For the third strip, you will need to cut a 1/4″ off the top of the remaining image piece to account for the 1/4″ track.
  6. Then you will cut your 2 7/8″ strip for the third piece. Trim, slightly, if needed, to make it fit.

Once your image is cut and in place, you can add your message.

Here are some other signs I’ve done by printing my own backgrounds or photos:

This photo, below, would have looked very odd, if I hadn’t taken out the 1/4″ to account for the gap between each track.

This full-sized photo was done in the landscape mode which is smaller than the light box, and so there is a gap at the top, as you can see. I also added text right to the photo as I didn’t want to cover the photo with the letter tiles.

If you don’t have a light box, you need to get one. They are so much fun to play with and there’s so much you can do with them. They are available at Scrapbook Nerd. (they are out of stock right now – but contact us and we will re-order them for you.) We also have many of the accessories that go along with these.

Join us, later this week, for a Facebook Live where we will be demonstrating this, and the new We R Memory Keepers Photo Lights live.  Watch our facebook page for that.

Thanks for checking out the tutorial this week.