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Nathalie’s March Friday Recap

Nathalie @ scrapbooknerd.com


Hello there friends!

Can you believe that Spring is just around the corner?  But it seems winter just does not want to leave us yet!   I think we are ready for a new season, so all my good thoughts and vibes were channeled to this month’s projects, and my biggest source of inspiration was color.

Here is a quick look at what i created this month:

  •  “4”   The happy, colorful and super cheery “Joy Parade” collection from Fancy Pants Designs was perfect to document my little’s 4th birthday picture.   The  large confetti shaker element as a background just enhances the celebration feeling of this page.


  •  “HELLO FUN”   The layout was created as a companion to the Silhouette Savvy Series entry abut combining cut files.   The layout uses the free “Ho Ho Holidays”  cut file -designed by the Cut Shoppe for Scrapbook Nerd- and the new Paige Evans’s “Oh My Heart” collection to document my niece’s idea of fun, jumping on the bed.


  • “YOU”    I love florals, and the ones in the “Oh My Heart” collection from Pink Paislee are just so beautiful.   A bit of hand stitching to the fussy cut images was perfect to enhance the images details, and bring texture to this page.   A simple mixed media background complements the picture of my teenage daughter.


  •  “LIVE FOR THE MOMENT”   One of the new Pinkfresh Studio releases, “Dream On” was a dream to work with.  The patterns in the papers, and the beautiful color combination on the papers along with the Cut Shoppe’s cut  file added plenty of interest to this page all about my teenage son.


  • “FOREVER”   I just had to create this page,  since we have a lot of winter/snow pictures this year, I wanted to document one of my favorites in a non-wintery way.  So i picked this beautiful pink background from the “Oh My Heart” collection, added  this soft cut out -created from the Winter Lace cut file from the Silhouette Store-, and a bit of hand stitching to highlight the picture of my husband and I on one of our walks.

I hope this set of projects have served as inspiration to pull some color into your work, trust me is an excellent way to beat the winter blahs!

Remember to check the Scrapbook Nerd store to check what the ladies are bringing to the shelves, there are so many new products available.

I am always a comment away, if you need assistance with anything related to this projects or the blog tutorials.

Take care!

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Tuesday Tutorial – Combining techniques with cut files


Hello there,

I hope you all are getting ready for the upcoming Spring season.  There are so many beautiful paper collections arriving at the Scrapbook Nerd store.   In addition, the Nerds are offering a new beautiful cut file, designed exclusively by Ashley Horton from the Cut Shoppe, for free.   Just hop to the store to get your free copy of the “Spring Things” cut file.



As you all know, I love cut files and my Cameo, so I set out to create a layout using the new Spring Things cut file and a few techniques along with it.  Firstly, I  used the “Bloom” image of the cut file to create the title of this layout.   In addition, an offset was created around the image ( this line was perforated by the cameo, so that hand stitching could be added to the layout).    Here is where i went technical in my cameo ( i promise a video tutorial in the near future), but you can achieve the similar result by using a pair of scissors, and trimming the cut file in such way that the bottom half of the letters become the edge of the background.



I recently picked Maggie Holmes’s Chasing Dreams collection from the store, and the watercolor paper in the collection was the inspiration for the mixed media in this layout,  Using the packaging technique, and a few Heidi Swapp color shine sprays the mixed media background was created.



The floral image was then used to create a sort of a lace layer on top of the mixed media.  I simply sized the image so that the edges peeked out of the small picture.



The word title of the image was backed with paper from the collection.  A bit of hand stitching (using the path created with the perforated offset of the image) adds texture to the page.



To add texture besides the stitching, I added a piece of torn vellum between the cut out and the patterned paper.   Some machine stitching secures the page together, and continues the texture of the stitching on the title.



The picture of my daughter was trimmed to a 3×3 in square.   Pieces of embellishments from the  Chasing Dreams collection were added to frame the picture.



The mixed media, hand and machine stitching, as well as the vellum layer add texture and softness to this layout.  Here is the final layout:



Remember to stop by the Scrapbook Nerd Store to pick up your free copy of the Spring Things cut file – it is truly a beautiful one -.

As always, i am a comment away if you have any questions on how any of this  came together.   I will be more than happy to lend you a hand.

Till next week!


Nathalie @ scrapbooknerd.com



Watercolor Backgrounds for scrapbook layouts

Hello Nerds!

I have loved watercolorus since i took art classes as a little girl.   I especially love how the watercolour dries when splatter on paper, and how it can beautifully can add color to a scrapbook background.

On my last month reveal, I used a watercolor background on one of the layouts, and was asked on how to recreate the look. So i decided to give my Cameo a break for this month, and instead create a video to illustrate one of the ways i create a watercolor background.  Enjoy the video:

My apologies on not adding a voice over on the video, but it was shot a few weeks back while i was battling a bad cold, so i went with captions, instead!

Here are few notes to keep in mind when creating a watercolor background:

  • This particular background was created on heavy cardstock  (i love the Bazzill 12x12in Marshmallow card stock available at the store.  It can handle a large amount of mixed media without buckling or disintegrating) or water color paper that was not gessoed.   It is my personal choice to not gessoed these types of paper, as they can handle water nicely, and i like how watercolor dries on the paper.
  • If you are using regular cardstock or patterned paper as the background, then I will recommend you use gesso on the paper.  Try to use clear gesso, as it won’t dull the colors.  However the look of the background will be different, as the water and color will flood through the area, and the drying time is longer.
  • If possible use different brushes to create the background, this will help avoid muddling the colors.  Watercolor brushes work better for this, as they are softer than acrylic and oil brushes.
  • If you are using one color only, you can always play with the intensity of the color by controlling the amount of water used on the paper.
  • When using multiple colors, let some drying time in between colors, and chose to apply the lightest color at the end.  This will ensure that it does not get lost in the paint layers
  • When creating this background, always  start with water droplets on the page.  You can always change to alternating water and color on the next color layers.
  • Finally, if you are splattering color on a page, the size of the brush will determine the size of the splatters on the page.  A bigger brush will produce larger splatters.
  • Always remember watercolors lose their intensity as they dry, so add extra color if you want a more intense background.  Here is a picture of the fresh background, and you can see the dried background on the  layout.


I usually create backgrounds, and then finish the layouts, so i will give you some close ups on how i used the background, and Pink Paislee’s Take Me Away collection to document a picture of some of the women in my life.

i stitched the title using a free cut file from Juliana Michaels -Besties- after the watercolor had completely dried.



Here is the final layout:

I really hope this encourages you to pick up some watercolors when creating a background for your next layout.  You can always check the selection of palettes the Nerds have stocked in the store shelves ( i am trying the Prima Marketing collections, and loving them!).

As always, let me know if you have any questions.
See you all soon!

Nathalie @ scrapbooknerd.com

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Silhouette Savvy Series – Stretch Your Cuts –


Hello everyone!

It is been a while since my last post, that even the season has changed.

Well today, i am back with a tutorial -no video this week- on how to stretch a cut file.  I don’t know about you, but i always try to see how can i use every single piece of paper that gets to  my desk.  I especially struggle with the leftovers from any cut-out from a cut file, and many times, I find ways to work them into another layout, or as layering pieces on my projects.

For this tutorial, i will be showing you how i go about using the leftovers of a cut file into a new layout, therefore stretching my cut.

  1.   I used the checkered heart cut file from    Studio Calico by Paige Evans to create a  cut out for one of my reveal layouts.  Once i  took the cut out from the mat,  the leftover cuts still had a great design, that could be worked into another layout.

I tried to use a cut file that had large pieces (as it makes it easier to transfer the design into a new layout)


2.   I picked some watercolor paper to start my new layout.  Using removable tape, I went ahead and glued the cut-out to the  watercolor paper.   NOTE:  using removable tape is the key to transferring the design.  If you don’t have removable tape, little pieces of washi tape can be used to hold the cut-out in place.



3.  Once the cut-out is glued.  I started to transfer the pieces (just like a puzzle)  from the cutting mat to the watercolor paper.  I made sure to use permanent glue to secure all the little pieces to the mat.   It was easy to transfer the pieces using the cut-out as a guide.

This is what the page looked like after transferring all the pieces.

This is what the page looked like after transferring all the pieces.

4.  I used a pencil to draw the outline of the cut out around the transferred pieces; then carefully, i peeled the cut-out out of the mat (if you are using washi tape, just be careful not to rip the cut-out).



5.  This is what i had left on the  mat after securing the pieces (i just added a few drops of glue to the  middle of the little pieces)



6.  Once i saw the pieced heart, all i could think about was mixed media.  So i went ahead, and used color shine to create a colorful background  (I think watercolor would have worked just as well).


The penciled heart was a great addition, as I used a piercing tool to create a stitching guide to the layout

The penciled heart was a great addition, as I used a piercing tool to create a stitching guide to the layout


I did not gessoed the page, since i wanted to create texture by wetting the pieces with ink -the corners of the pieces tend to curl a bit.


After stitching around the penciled heart, I added a picture of my baby (with just a few pieces of ephemera around),  a large title, and some journal lines.  I tried to keep the page simple so that the background showed as much as the picture.


BEST EVER @scrapbooknerd.com

The finished layout

I love this layout,   it is simple and full of color and texture.  I hope this inspires you into taking a second look at the leftover pieces of your cut-outs.

As always let me know if you have any questions about how the layout came together.

See you soon!


Nathalie @ scrapbooknerd.com




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Mixed Media on Monday

mixed media Monday at scrapbooknerd.com

Welcome back!
After a break Mixed Media on Monday is now back in action.
I created a 8.5″x11″ layout for today’s project, it’s been a while since I scrapbooked so
I started with some simple supplies; a photo, a stencil, modeling paste and some distress inks.
(You can find a list of supplies at the bottom of this post.)

Mixed Media on Monday @scrapbooknerd.com
My first step was applying the modeling paste with a palette knife in a thin layer over the Folk Art Flower stencil. I let is dry completely then applied some Distress ink to some plastic packaging, added some water and ‘smooshed’ (that’s a technical word 🙂 )over the background.

Mixed Media on Monday @scrapbooknerd.com The washi tape panel I created is the patten paper on my layout. I simply stuck the strips of washi onto some plain cardstock and trimmed it to size…That’s it.
Mixed Media on Monday @scrapbooknerd.com
Because of the busy background I created, I kept the embellishments simple and added some strips of journaling and called it done.

Mixed Media on Monday @scrapbooknerd.com.

Thank you for stopping by the SN blog, I hope you got inspired!

Joy @ scrapbooknerd.com


Silhouette Savvy – Creating stitching patterns.

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials @ scraobooknerd.com

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials


Hello everyone!,

I hope you all are enjoying the last half of summer;  it is amazing how fast this year is moving.

Today, I am back with a new installment of the Silhouette Savvy Series.   This time we will be looking on how the Silhouette software can be used to create a simple stitching pattern on a layout, like in this layout that serves as the sample of the tutorial.




I love to add texture to my pages, and usually use hand stitching and embroidery to accomplish it.   There are many ways to add stitching to a layout, and some don’t involve a Cameo ( I will make a tutorial on them in the near future).   However, when there is a lot of stitching involved, it is easier to have the Silhouette software do some of the tedious work.  Please enjoy the video (and forgive my Spanish accent) on how to create a stitching pattern:

As you can see the video highlights how easy it is to create a stitching pattern on any project.  Here is a close up to the finished title after using back hand stitching to complete the pattern created:




In case you missed any steps , here is a quick written list of the steps-by-step on how to create a pattern:

  • Select the image you want to use
  • Open the Trace window
  • Click : Select Trace Area
  • Highlight the area of the image you want to use
  • Unclick High Pass filter,  all the image will be brightly highlighted in yellow
  • Press Trace,  and move or delete the  traced  image .
  • Once you have the cut lines showing on the grid,  right click on the mouse to verify that the entire image is a compound path.
  • Position the image where it will be cut.
  • Go to the cutting settings window
  • Select Perforate Edge, and the type of paper being used
  • Click Sent to Silhouette

The machine will create little slits along the edge of the image chosen.   Use these as a guide to embroider, and add stitching to your layout.


Here is how the stitched title looks on my layout.  I chose Pink Paislee’s Outfitters collection, a new cutfile designed by The Cut Shoppe for Scrapbook Nerd  -The Wanderer- some mixed media, and distressed elements to document a picture of my kids at the “Marker of the World” – a popular post/signal in my native town down in Ecuador.  Here is the final layout


All Roads Lead to Adventure - @scrapbooknerd.com Silhouette Savvy Tutorial -


As always let me know if you have any questions about this tutorial or any of the previous tutorials in this series.   I hope this inspires you to use your Silhouette beyond creating cut-outs for your projects.


Till next time,

See you around!


Nathalie @ scrapbooknerd.com

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Mixed Media on Monday

mixed media Monday at scrapbooknerd.com
Hello everyone!
Today I have a special post for Mixed Media on Monday.
Over the past weekend I attended a few classes with Dina Wakley to learn some new techniques to add to my creative arsenal. (This post is in now way affiliated with Dina Wakley.com)
It was a fabulous weekend, Dina really challenged us & we all made a lot of art.

Art journal page. scrapbooknerd.com

For the first time in my adult life I tried drawing faces (seriously) after learning how from Dina. There was a real marked improvement from the start of class to the last face we painted. Such a big difference. It’s something I have to work on so I can get better at it.

I have 96 more to go as Dina committed all us to drawing 100 faces.  😀
Dina style faces

We made are own papers, learned the power of a mark and used some of the papers we made to add layers to tags and journal pages.Dina syle papermaking marks with dina Dina_styletag

After returning home and getting some sleep, I made an art journal page Dina style with a few of the techniques I learned in class.
art journal page by Joy @scrapbooknerd.com

If you ever get a chance to take a class with Dina Wakley, I would highly recommend it.
Dina is not only a talented artist, she is so funny, she makes learning easy and the techniques doable so you can go home and replicate it. (This post is in no way affiliated with Dina Wakley.com) 

Joy @ scrapbooknerd.com

Thanks for stopping by the Scrapbook Nerd blog today. Have a great week everyone!


Sunday card share #40

Sunday card share at scrapbooknerd.com

Happy Sunday friends,
I love using my mixed media style stamps for cardmaking and my card this week uses the Dina Wakley Scribbly Birds stamp. These little birds are a favourite and a I use them often.

Sunday Card shares at scrapbooknerd.com

I used acrylic paint to ‘colour’ the bird, create my background for this card and with the stencils I used. The branch the bird sits on is made with torn washi tape & finally the sentiment stickers I used are from the Tim Holtz Small Talk sticker book.

Sunday Card shares at scrapbooknerd.comThanks for stopping by the SN blog today, if you have any questions about today’s project please let me know in your comments. Take care!

Joy @ scrapbooknerd.com

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Mixed Media on Monday

mixed media Monday at scrapbooknerd.com

It’s Joy here today with a mixed media canvas. I tried something new and worked with some bright colours, which are outside of my comfort zone. This canvas is 6×6 and I started with some  a few layers of cheese cloth on top of the blank canvas.mixed media canvas at scrapbooknerd.comAfter gluing the cheese cloth to the canvas with matte medium I started to add the acrylic paint, and stamps to add interest to the background. One of my favourite ways to add stamped images to a canvas is to stamp the in black archival ink on tissue paper.

Because the canvas in uneven stamping directly to the canvas with large images is hard. I tear (not cut) the tissue paper around the stamped image then use matt medium to adhere it to the canvas. I find that when I tear the tissue paper the edges fade and blend into the background of the project as compared to cutting it which creates harsh edges around the stamped images.
I also used some stencils and watered down white paint in the background as well.
mixed media canvas at scrapbooknerd.com  I used acrylic paints and Faber-Castel Big Brush markers to and colour and shading to the floral images. The flowers are stamps designed by Donna Downey and I did go over the outline of the flower with a black marker to darken those lines.
mixed media canvas at scrapbooknerd.com

This canvas came together quickly because of all the texture that the cheese cloth
provided, I did’t spend much time adding to the background. I hope you enjoyed this installment of Mixed Media on Monday, thank you for stopping by.

Joy @ scrapbooknerd.com ScrapbookNerd.com

Mixed Media on Monday

mixed media Monday at scrapbooknerd.com

Hello crafty friends,
Today on Mixed Media on Monday we’re sharing some product information on Finnabair gels.
Anna Dabrowski works with Prima Marketing to produced a collection of products under the name Finnabair, the products they create together are a favourite for all kinds of paper crafters.

In this video we found on YouTube, Anna Dabrowski shares a few projects and information on the soft gels.

If you have any questions about Finnabair products, please feel free to post in your comments and we’ll find an answer for you.

Happy Victoria Day to all our Canadian friends!!

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