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July DT Reveal

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Creative Team @ scrapbooknerd.com

One of the wonderful things about being on the DT for SN are the delicious kits that the ladies prepare for us. There is so much loot it’s like Christmas every month!! They send us lots of goodies to “choose” from so we can create with abandon! So this month when Barb and Joy said we could use whatever we liked I decided to do something different and use up some of the yummy goodness I’ve gotten from previous kits. It’s a great way to crash my stash!!

For this reveal I decided to play a little more with the super yummy “Say Cheese II” line from Simple Stories. I love how versatile the patterns are…and the colours are DELISH!!

I was surprised at how nostalgic I got while scrapping this ooooold photo…So I did some journalling on the back. It reads…
“Some people are all about THE Mouse…but for me, it’s this guy!!
As a child, Fred Flintstone told me when it was time to leave for school. When I was too little to really tell time (or pay attention to a watch) I knew that once The Flintstones were over, I needed to get on my way otherwise I would be late.
Fred and his family taught me a good lesson about morals every day over my lunch. He taught me that even though things may not go the way I plan, things will work out in the end. He taught me to look for friends to share crazy adventures with. He kept me healthy with my one a day Flintstone vitamins which seemed like such a treat (until I ate almost a whole bottle of cuz they seemed like candy. I still gag when I smell them but even that was a lesson learned about moderation) He taught me to have a sense of humour…he even taught me what to look for in a husband (WOW!! I just realized that at this very moment!! I totally married Fred Flinstone-hardworking, gruff and rough around the edges, well intended even though his plans never really work out the way he wants them too, his (work) clothes kinda look ragged…LOL!!) Who would have guessed that a cartoon I’ve watched since I was a small child could have such an impact.
I even have Barney Rubble feet…but that’s a story for another layout! LOL!”

IMG_20150720_1008062Kimprojectstrip (1)
The Say Cheese II line from Simple Stories is so versatile! Love how quickly this layout came together. I kept it simple and just let the photos and embellies do the work for me! LOL!

Journalling reads “What a crazy day this was! SOOOO much stress before we got this point. My mom had been admitted to the hospital the night before because she had had a heart attack. Which meant the girls and I spending the night at her bedside. I had planned to take Cate to get her hair and makeup done but was torn about leaving my mom. Luckily Aunt Lucie came up to sit with Mom so I could take care of you. We got your hair done…which didn’t go well and ended in tears. Luckily you are very good at doing your own hair and worked your magic. You did a beautiful job although I know you were upset about the wasted time and money. The girls at Shoppers Drug Mart did your makeup and while you were extremely nervous, it turned out AMAZING!! (Even with your Mom peeling out of the parking lot and leaving you behind because your Dad had forgotten to pick up Maegan from school and the poor kid had been sitting in the office waiting for over an hour) The day was so rushed and every step took longer than expected which just amplified all of the stress and emotion of the past 24 hours. The traffic was soooo bad that you were worried about missing the photo op and limo ride with your friends. You were ready to give up and just stay home. But you pulled it together and perked up as soon as we met up with your friends. Natalie and Charlotte looked beautiful in their dresses as did all of the girls and it was impossible to not get caught up in the excitement of the night ahead! I loved watching you laugh and hang out with your friends and couldn’t help think what a beautiful and strong girl you are…inside and out. Love you baby girl! May 2015

IMG_20150722_1752362Kimprojectstrip (1)

Here is a close up of the embellies…the viewfinder wheel, “magic” and some of the embellies are actually gold but  have photographed black for some reason. I can’t seem to get a decent pic to share but hopefully you get the idea..



My final project for this month is one that i couldn’t wait to do! She still isn’t quite “The Mouse” but this line from Simple Stories worked perfectly for “The Pig”! LOL!!

Journalling reads…”I should know better than to EVER go into a pet store with my blue eyed girl. We still had the hamster cage, tunnels and balls so it made sense to keep lookin to find a perfect little hamster to add to our family (again) But we were having a tough time finding the “right” one. Moto was such a sweet girl that she was a hard act to follow. Bubba and Villopoto were crazy and kinda mean so Maegs was hesitant to get attached to another pet that bit. She was SUPPOSED to be looking at the hamsters…but instead my girl was down on her knees, face pressed up against the glass, cooing at THIS crazy haired little cutie. She had the weirdest fur I’ve ever seen on a guinea pig! Not only is it long but she has cowlicks all over her that make it look like a mohawk! SHe’s perfect!! lol!! And they don’t bite…So much for hamsters…

MAegan fell in love with this cute little furball as soon as she held her. Welcome to the family Ryder! Its’ a girl! April 2015

IMG_20150725_1536182Kimprojectstrip (1)

A few close ups…Isn’t she cute???


Be Sure to check out this super versatile Say Cheese II line from Simple Stories! It RAWKS!!!

Thanks for letting me share!
Kim @ ScrapbookNerd.comScrapbookNerd.com

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