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12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

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12 Days

Day 10 – Holiday Ornament with Barb

Years ago I used to make these decorations with ribbon and decided to try again this year using paper. I live the way they turned out. It works so well using the double sided paper. The paper I used is from the ‘Tis the Season Collection.
[Image: 12days2_zpsb7228588.jpg]

•one full sheet of 12 x 12 double sided Christmas paper of your choice. (I used Echo Park ‘Tis the Season “Snowflakes Falling”)
•three strips of double sided Christmas paper to measure 3/8×12 inches (I used Echo Park ‘Tis the Season “Dashing Reindeer”)
•straight pins
•3″ foam ball

•Cut the 12 inch paper into 1 1/2″ strips. Then cut each strip into 1 1/2 inch square.

[Image: tut11_zpsb9e0cd33.jpg]

•fold down two corners to form a point on each square. Half should be folded so one side of the patterned paper shows and the other half folded so the other side of the patterned paper shows.

[Image: tut10_zps6aca4cd8.jpg]
[Image: tut5_zps7017b522.jpg]

•Cut a slit from the bottom of the square to the bottom of the point. This will help the squares mold to the shape of the ball better.

[Image: tut9_zps57ab8631.jpg]

•Place the first square onto the ball, pinning into place.

[Image: tut8_zps83e74c55.jpg]

•Using a square of the same patterned paper (ie in mine, I used four black tips to start) Place the next square onto the ball, across from the first one, so that the tip touches with the first piece.

[Image: tut7_zps96f29411.jpg]

•Then place two more, filling in the gaps, making sure that the tips touch. This completes the first row.

[Image: tut6_zps086740c4.jpg]

•Using the second side of the patterned paper squares (ie, I used four of the snowflake tips) place a square between the points of your first row, with the point facing the same direction. Pin into place.

[Image: tut4_zps43816601.jpg]

•Add the remaining 3 squares to complete this row.

[Image: tut3_zps153c1073.jpg]

•Continue on in the same manner, alternating rows of patterns, until the ball is filled. One sheet of patterned paper should be enough to cover the ball.

[Image: tut1_zps640af5d9.jpg]

•When you get to the last two rows, you will want to trim the bottom corners so that they won’t show.

[Image: IMG_8854_zps25634e87.jpg]

•When you get to the top, you should have a small space still open. This will be covered by your paper bow and ribbon.

[Image: IMG_8856_zps606fe430.jpg]

•Take your three strips of 3/8 x 12″ coordinating patterned paper and cut each strip in half.
•each half strip will be looped and then pinched in the middle to make a “bow”. Pin onto the top of the ball.

[Image: IMG_8857_zpse1bbf2da.jpg]
[Image: IMG_8858_zpscc68fdde.jpg]

•Continue with 3 more of the strips, laying them in different directions, and meeting in the middle. Pin to the ball.

[Image: IMG_8860_zps7a8cdbcd.jpg]

•loop on of the left over strips and pin to the ball to form your “ribbon” to hang the ornament from.

[Image: IMG_8862_zps4c3e587a.jpg]

Happy Crafting!
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