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A Gelatos Tutorials…Just as delicious as the name suggests!!

DIY Gelatos general how to tutorial Nerd Academy Tips & Tutorials

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials @ scraobooknerd.com

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials

Have you ever tried watercolouring? Me neither but I decided to go out with a bang and push myself out of my comfort zone! LOL!! Luckily theses yummy Gelatos from Faber Castill make this technique super easy!!

First choose your gelato colours…You will also need cardstock, paintbrush, embossing gun and a spray bottle.


Some people prep their pages with gesso but I decided to keep it super simple to get started so I just coloured up some white cardstock…



They are super creamy and colour like a dream! Next I just added some spritzes of water with my spray bottle and then blended with my paintbrush



I then used my embossing gun to speed up the drying process…and started to play!!

It doesn’t get much easier than Nerds!!

IMG_20150811_1654372Kimprojectstrip (1)

Be sure to check these out! You won’t regret it!! I’m off to play with my crayons some more…I’m getting braver and braver!! Join me in my adventure!! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Kim @ ScrapbookNerd.com


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