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Best Friends – Scrapbook Tutorial –

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Nathalie @ scrapbooknerd.com

Hello Nerds!,

Once again, Nathalie here…

For this month I chose to work  mainly with the Felicity collection from Pink Fresh Studio.  I love the bright spring colors mixed in white lots of white space and colorful illustrations.      Once I saw the heart paper in the collection, i  knew exactly the pictures I wanted to use for the layout.  However I wanted to put a large picture as the main focus of the page, and adding a second picture will have been too busy in the page.  So I set to create a storybook page for this layout (that is what i am calling this idea).

For this you will need:

Patterned paper (at least 4-5 different patterns),  2 sheets of cardstock (i am using white cardstock for this layout),  twine/ribbon/yarn -about 50 cm-,  hot glue gun,   two pictures (one 4×6 in, and smaller one), and some embelishments.

  • To start, trim one of the cardstock sheets to 11×11 in, and attached it one of the 12×12 patterned papers with hot glue (you can also wait to attach the carstock until the very end of the process).


BEST FRIENDS -tutorial-.1


  • Trim a strip of the same color cardstock to measure 4×12 in ,  mark the centerline at 6 in, and fold the strip in half ( it would look like a card).

BEST FRIENDS -tutorial-.2


  • Trim a 4×6 in piece of your choice of pattern paper, and attach it to the inside fold of the cardstock strip as follows:

BEST FRIENDS -tutorial-.4


  • Go ahead and place your smaller picture on the patterned paper side of the strip.   Feel free to embelish this picture to your liking, just make sure that you don’t create a lot of bulk on the picture.

BEST FRIENDS -tutorial-.5


  • Use the adjacent side (to the picture section )of the cardtock strip to add your story or the details about the pictures.  I have chosen to write my story, but you could print it and glue it, or use a Project Life card that will fit within the frame.  It is all completely up to you.

BEST FRIENDS -tutorial-.6


  • Now you are ready to add the twine/yarn/ribbon on the outside of the paper strip.   I would recommend you use a firm but not bulky piece of string.  For this layout, I am using a piece of red suede string.  To attach the string, making sure it does not move, use washi tape to hold it in place.

BEST FRIENDS -tutorial-.7


  • Using the hot glue gun, attach the large picture to the top cover of the fold.   Note:  i have trimmed my picture, and then matted it in the same color cardstock, so that it fits exactly on top of the folded strip -this way i can hide all edges and the string under the picture.

While the glue sets, go ahead and use the rest of the patterned papers to create layers that will sit under this story book.   I used a few staples and lots of glue to make sure that the layers will remain together and support the weight of the storybook.

BEST FRIENDS -tutorial-.8


  • It was my choice to keep the page very simple, as I wanted all the attention to be  centered on the storybook.   So I chose to hand stitch some hearts at the edges of where my title will be placed.  For this I drew a heart with a pencil, and using a sharp needle created holes at about 1/8 in intervals.  I erased the lines and used embroidery thread to hand stitch the hearts.

BEST FRIENDS -tutorial-.10


  • Using the hot glue gun, I attached the folded paper strip to the layers.  Once that set, I centered the layers on the 11x11in cardstock , and used hot glue gun to attach them together;  finally I added the this page to the 12×12 patterned paper using hot glue.   I would recommend you use hot glue as the weight of the story book and layers will pull the paper.

Best Friends @scrapbooknerd.com -scrapboook layout


  • Add embelishments along the page, making sure that they do not prevent the storybook from opening.   Here is what the layout looks like when the story book is opened:

Best Friends @scrapbooknerd.com -scrapbook layout tutorial


I hope you give this interactive storybook idea a try (my teens love the fact that the story is hidden), and you use it for some of your pictures.   Remember to link up your projects here on in the  members gallery  at ScrapbookNerd.com.

Till next time, Happy Crafting!!

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