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Bold Backgrounds RAWK!! Starburst Tutorial


Step by Step paper crafting tutorials @ scraobooknerd.com

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials

Good morning Nerds!!

Our challenge this month was to create layouts with bold titles and backgrounds. So I thought I’d give those starburst backgrounds a try. They always catch my eye and I think they are a brilliant way to use up scraps but to be honest..I thought there would be math involved and that seemed like too much work! LOL!! But since it’s for you ladies…I thought I’d give it a go!!

The supplies you will need…

12×12 sheet of cardstock



something round and medium sized to trace ( I used a punched circle of cardstock)


For a full page sunburst background, you will want to start with a spare sheet of 12×12 cardstock. You will want to trace a circle in the area that you want the sunburst to “burst” out from. I traced my circle in the lower right section of the page.


Using a ruler, or a straight edge, you will then draw lines from the circle all the way out to the edge of the paper. These do not have to be evenly spaced and there is really no wrong or right way to do this step. I started with the corner lines, and then worked my way in. I only trace my lines to the edge of my circle, since I don’t cut my pieces to fit all the way together when they meet in that center point. I used to cut them all the way, but I seemed to have ends overlapping and bulking up. I know that I will place something over that center point, so I’m ok with there being an empty space in that area.

Once your lines all drawn out the way you want them, you will want to number the pieces so that you know the order they go in. Start in one corner, and number them going in a clockwise order. This is much easier then trying to fit them together later. Once they’re numbered, you will want to cut all of the pieces apart.


Start selecting your patterned paper and/or cardstock that you will use for each piece. This is a great way to use up some scraps and leftovers!

For each “burst”, you will want to flip over the patterned paper/cardstock that you chose, and lightly adhere the numbered template piece, number side down. By adhering the template piece to the BACK of your chosen paper, you don’t have to worry about any leftover adhesive showing. But you have to remember to also flip the template piece over, and adhered it number side down, so that once you cut your piece and turn it over, your “burst” will be going in the right direction.


As you trim each “burst”, place it in the appropriate spot on your page. I use a sheet of cardstock to built the sunburst on, and adhere all of the pieces directly to it.

To adhere your “bursts”, start with the corner pieces, and adhere them first. Then work your way in with the rest of the pieces. Don’t worry if a piece or two have to overlap slightly. It’s hard to get them cut so that they match up perfectly.Make sure and SAVE your template pieces that you cut out from cardstock, so that you can use them over and over on additional layouts

You can stitch the edges and add embellishments and PLAY!! Have fun with it!

Here is my finished layout…Thanks for letting me share!




You don’t have to use all of the pieces of the starburst…here I’ve left some blank spaces inbetween for the pp to show through. You can fill those spaces with stamping or inking or leave them plain…the sky is the limit!!


Be sure to give this a go and share your project with us!!

Happy scrapping!!


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