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Create your own 3×4 journaling & filler cards

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Step by Step paper crafting tutorials @ scraobooknerd.com

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials

Hi there, it’s Joy here, today I would like to share with you a few simple techniques to help you create your own 3×4 journaling & filler cards for pocket style scrapbooking or for your more traditional layouts.

Add some flair to your projects & journaling cards with a few simple techniques  scrapbooknerd.com

Creat your own 3×4 journaling or filler cards for pocket scrapbooking with Simple Stories Sn@p! products

for the projects today Simple Stories Sn@p! Dog bits & pieces, 3×4 cards, stickers and washi tape (a full list of supplies is at the bottom of this post)

Making your own 3x4 journaling & filler cards scrapbooknerd.com

inks, stencils, stamps, metals dies and pre punched 3×4 cards.Making your own 3x4 journaling & filler cards scrapbooknerd.com

For the first card I used a background stamp & metal dies as a mask.
You can do this with any die or stencil,  you may find clear stamps easier to work with.
TIP: Working with a background stamp for this can be tricky so you may want to mask off the areas you don’t want ink on.

1. Place you metal dies onto your 3×4 card as desired. Ink up your stamp,
then press the down over the metal die
2. Continue stamping over the metal dies until you like the look, your metal dies will clean up easily with a baby wipe. (using Staz-on ink will premaritally mark your dies)
3. Replace the metal dies over your stamped images and trace around the interior edge of the die with a marker or pen
4. Remove metal dies and reveal you very own designer creation

making your own 3x4 journaling cards scrapbooknerd.comfinish the card off with a few embellishments and your done!

make your own 3x4 journaling & filler cards for project life scrapbooknerd.com

The next card using the same idea but instead of a metal die I use a stencil.

1. Select your stencil, ink and stamp. Use a black 3×4 card
2.  Stamp over the stencil with your stamp until you are happy with the design. I wanted an uneven look for this card, some of the stars do not show as a full image
3.  Select another stencil for tracing, I used a star stencil to repeat the pattern and used a black fine tipped marker
4. Use a few simple embellishments to finish off your card, I use a sticker and a piece of washi

creating your own 3x4 journaling card at scrapbooknerd.com

creating your own 3×4 journaling card with stamps & stencils scrapbooknerd.com

The last two cards are very simple and use the stickers from the Sn@p! dog products, foam squares for some dimension and a powder tool to take away the stickiness of the sticker.


I hope you will try out some of these ideas on your next project, it’s fun to personalize these cards for your own projects using a few simple tools & ideas.
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