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DIY Enamel Dots

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Hey Nerds!!  Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend with family and lots of yummy treats from the Easter Bunny!!  I had to work through the whole holiday, but I did come home to a house full off family and lots of delicious food!

So…on to the Tutorial…

I am so not a pink person when it comes to buying my scrappy supplies, but I am starting (slowly) to buy some pink…so, when it comes to me wanting to create something with pink accents, I need to get creative…so I have tried to make my own Enamel dots! This is the first time I have made some, so I’ll post a project on Friday with a few of these babies to show you how they look on a page.

Here’s what I used:

  • Glossy Accent
  • Nail polish

That’s it!! Easy peasy!!




I know the last pic of when I added the nail polish is kinda messy…but the polish trims right off for a nice little perfect circles…give it a try!


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