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Making Your Own Epoxy Embellishments

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Hello everyone. Welcome back to another issue of our Scrapbook Nerd Academy. Today I have a very quick and easy tutorial for you – making any of your pre-made embellishments into epoxy embellishments. I saw this tutorial on the Pebbles Blog and it has changed the look of my pages right now. I love the effect.

What you need:
Pre-made embellishments – this also works great with die cut pieces and words
Clear Embossing Powder (I used UTEE – Ultra Thick Embossing Powder so save myself from having to repeat the process several times – but other embossing powder will work too – you will just need to repeat a few times)
Versamark Stamp Pad
Heat Gun
Powder Tool (if using stickers)

Here’s how easy it is:


1. Choose the piece that you want to make into an epoxy. I used a few of the Jillibean Hardy Hodgepodge Pea Pod Parts, and the matching Soup Labels. In this tutorial, I’m demonstrating how I did the “Sweet” word sticker from the Soup Labels.


2. If you’re using a sticker, like I did in the tutorial, you will want to take your powder tool and adhere the powder to the backside of the sticker. The reason for this is that you don’t want to have the embossing powder sticking to the back of the sticker. If you don’t have a powder tool, you can achieve the same effect by placing the sticker on your shirt several times to pick up the lint off your shirt, until it is no longer sticky.



3. Apply versamark to the front of the diecut or sticker that you are using. This gives the embossing powder something to adhere too.


4. Pour your clear embossing powder onto your versamarked piece. I poured some versamark into a dish so that I could just dip it in.


5. Take your heat gun and apply heat to the front of your piece, melting the embossing powder. If you’ve used UTEE, then you may be happy with just one coat. If you want to apply a second coat, or if using regular embossing powder you will want to apply a few coats, then re-apply the embossing powder and apply heat again. You will want to repeat this process while your embossing powder is still melted so you will want to work quickly. If it has hardened already, simply apply the heat to melt it again.

6. That’s all there is too it. If you end up with wandering epoxy, where it has wandered off your piece while it was being heated, simply heat again and take a tooth pick, or similar tool, and clean up the edges.

I really love the added visual interest of the epoxy pieces, as well as the added dimension. I’m going to be using this a lot more on my pages.

Thanks for checking out my tutorial. If you break out your heat gun and embossing powder, I’d love to see the finished results, so be sure to come back and share.








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