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Mixed Media on Monday

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Lindy's Stamp Gang
Hello Scrapbook Nerds,
Lindy’s Stamp Gang products are very popular in the mixed media world & with other paper crafters/scrapbookers. Today we though we’d share some product information about the sprays we recently started carrying. We’ve had a few questions on how to use them & why do the bottles come with just the powder inside.  We found some great videos and information on the LSG website and wanted to share it here with you.

Using your sprays for the first time…


Deep, rich, vibrant colors with a two-toned shimmer! These are all dye based products, which give them that vibrancy and can be used on any porous surface, (paper, wood, fabric, balsa, chipboard, etc)

  • Lindy’s Starburst Sprays showcase two-toned colors: a base color with a glorious secondary shimmer color
  • Lindy’s starburst ink sprays are a high quality, acid-free, non-toxic concentrated dye based color with a mica based shimmer
  • Best for use on porous surfaces
  • 2oz fine mist, non-clogging sprayer bottle containing powders (you fill with warm water to hydrate & use)
  • Also available in Color Shots; 2oz wide mouthed jars for painting


Tap out any excess powder in the sprayer tube first.  Then add HOT water to the fill line on the label (filtered preferrably, especially with the stains), stir with a stick & let sit at least 10 minutes then fill to “fill” line & shake. (if you don’t wait, the gum arabic will not dissolve fully & will clog the sprayer, so as hard as it is, just let them sit, hee hee).  Shake before each use and periodically while you spray.

tweedledeedenim-34731.1375818099.1280.1280.jpgFlat Fabio’s

Flat Fabios are all the amazingly juicy, vibrant color you could want, and just the color.  No shimmer here!

  • Showcase our vibrant colors that blend perfectly with each other, rather than making mud
  • Flat Fabio ink sprays are high quality acid-free, non-toxic concentrated dye based color
  • Best on porous surfaces
  • 2oz fine mist, non-clogging sprayer bottle contains powdered ink, (you fill with warm water to hydrate and use)

incandescentcopper-27398.1375314371.1280.1280.jpgMoon Shadows

Vintage Colors all with a brown undertone and a gorgeous secondary color! Based on an Old Worlde walnut ink recipe. (Can be used on any porous surface)

  • Lindy’s Moon Shadow Mist sprays showcase walnut ink based colors with scrumptious shimmer
  • High quality, acid-free, non-toxic walnut ink colors with mica based shimmer
  • Best used on porous surfaces
  • 2oz fine-mist, non-clogging sprayer bottle contains powdered ink, (you fill with warm water to hydrate & use)

NOTE: Do not INGEST or INHALE product.  This product will stain fabric and skin so use with caution!

You can find Lindy’s Stamp Gang products in the Scrapbook Nerd online store here
If you would like to see more LSG products or you don’t see what your looking for, send us an email and we are happy to order the products you are looking for.

Here’s a great video on creating a background using some of the LSG products from their talented design team –

See you again next Monday for more Media Media fun!

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