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Mixed Media on Monday

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mixed media Monday at scrapbooknerd.com

It’s Joy here today with a mixed media canvas. I tried something new and worked with some bright colours, which are outside of my comfort zone. This canvas is 6×6 and I started with some  a few layers of cheese cloth on top of the blank canvas.mixed media canvas at scrapbooknerd.comAfter gluing the cheese cloth to the canvas with matte medium I started to add the acrylic paint, and stamps to add interest to the background. One of my favourite ways to add stamped images to a canvas is to stamp the in black archival ink on tissue paper.

Because the canvas in uneven stamping directly to the canvas with large images is hard. I tear (not cut) the tissue paper around the stamped image then use matt medium to adhere it to the canvas. I find that when I tear the tissue paper the edges fade and blend into the background of the project as compared to cutting it which creates harsh edges around the stamped images.
I also used some stencils and watered down white paint in the background as well.
mixed media canvas at scrapbooknerd.com  I used acrylic paints and Faber-Castel Big Brush markers to and colour and shading to the floral images. The flowers are stamps designed by Donna Downey and I did go over the outline of the flower with a black marker to darken those lines.
mixed media canvas at scrapbooknerd.com

This canvas came together quickly because of all the texture that the cheese cloth
provided, I did’t spend much time adding to the background. I hope you enjoyed this installment of Mixed Media on Monday, thank you for stopping by.

Joy @ scrapbooknerd.com ScrapbookNerd.com

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