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Nerd Girl Fleur May Tutorial – Tassels

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I love all the fun tassels I see around these days I bought a few for my planner and bag.  I decided to give making them a try since they didn’t look that hard.

To start you need embroidery floss, yarn or twine, scissors and that’s it!


It’s really easy if you start with embroidery floss all you do for the first step is fold it in half.  If you are using twine or yarn you will measure out about 12-20 lengths depending on how big you want your tassel then fold that in half.


Thread a piece of twine or gold string through the top and knot it this is how the tassel will be attached to things.


About 1/4 inch down start wrapping some twine or yearn around it to make it look like a tassel.


The last step is to cut the ends of the loops to make the tassel.  Super easy and fun

May6 May2

Here are some other ones I made.  I would love to see if you make some of these so please share!


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