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Ribbon Spool Ornament Tutorial

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These ribbon spool ornaments are one of my favorite to make – I usually add them to the top of the present.  They recycle which is great and they are fast and easy which is even better.  Even the kids could help make these.  Here is a quick tutorial on how to make them. You will need some old ribbon or thread spools, (these ones are from American Crafts ribbons) patterned paper, stickers or embellishments and twine.


Trace the spool onto the patterned paper twice, once for each side, cut out and glue them on.  You can trim an excess after they are dried.


Wrap some twine or ribbon around the inside of the spool.


Once the inside of the spool is covered leave a loop of twine at the top and then glue the end onto the inside of the spool.


Take another peice of twine and lay it underneath the loop.


Pull it tight and make a bow.


Decorate the outside of the spool – I used the Simple Stories DIY Christmas collection for these. 


Here is the final result.



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