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Rolled Paper Birthday Card

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Step by Step paper crafting tutorials @ scraobooknerd.com

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials

Sarah Moore for Scrapbook Nerd.com

We all know that 6×6 paper pads are perfect for card making, but the size of the pattern makes them perfect to create custom made embellishments for any project. I used a 6×6 pad to embellish a Tim Holtz Stamp by rolling paper and adding it to the stamped image.

I made this card using a fabulous Tim Holtz stamp, a Faber-Castell Big Brush Pen and a 6×6 paper pad! You can find all of these items in the Scrapbook Nerd Store.

  • I started out by choosing my papers that I wanted to use.
  • Stamp the image twice, onto two separate pieces of paper.
  • Cut the frosting part of the cupcake off the second image. Colour with a medium of your choice. (I used a Faber Castel Big Brush Pen – that can be found at Scrapbook Nerd –  that I scribbled onto my craft mat then picked up with a water pen for a fun watercolor look.)


  •  I cut them into 1×6 inch strips, then each strip was cut in half so I had 1×3 pieces. This gave me the thickness I was after once the pieces were rolled.

  • Before rolling, curl the end of the strips with your fingers back and forth to soften the starting edge.
  • Roll tightly.
  • Once they’re rolled, I  suggest using hot glue to seal them, because I found the other adhesive just wasn’t strong enough!
  • Once they’re all rolled, just use the glue gun again to secure them onto the stamped cupcake.
  •  Add the Frosting piece.
  • Finish off by adding another rolled piece for the candle.

Now you have an adorable 3D stamped image to add to your card.

Here’s a couple close ups:



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