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Shaker Boxes

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Step by Step paper crafting tutorials @ scraobooknerd.com

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials

This week’s tutorial is all about Shaker Boxes. Shaker Boxes are a fun and interactive element that you can add to your cards and layouts. They are a fun and easy way to shake things up a little bit – and a lot of fun to create. shaker1   What you need for this project:

    • Pre-printed or die cut photo frame
    • background paper
    • acetate or transparency
    • double-sided foam tape
    • items to fill your shaker box (small chipboard pieces, glass beads, sequins, buttons, etc.)
    • adhesive
    • scissors



  1. Measure and cut your transparency or acetate sheet to measure just inside the dimensions of your frame. Adhere to the backside of your frame using your adhesive.


2.  Cut your double-sided foam tape to measure the along the outer edges of your acetate piece. Remove one side of the backing paper only. Stick them in place, being sure to leave no gaps in the corners or your filling may escape.

shaker5b 3. Cut a piece of patterned paper or matching cardstock to measure the same dimensions as your acetate piece. On the front side, adhere a small embellishment, using foam tape, it is thin (such as a die cut.) It it is thick, you won’t need to do this. shaker6b 4. Begin to fill your shaker box with some of the larger pieces that you’ve selected. Be sure to put them face-down onto the acetate sheet. Note: When choosing items to place in your shaker box, they can be no thicker than the foam tape that you’re using. If they are thicker, the shaker box will not seal properly and your filling will escape. shaker7b 5. Add a smaller filler of your choice. This could be glass beads, sand, etc.  This will give your shaker a lot of movement. Note: Keep your fillers to a minimum. The more items in your shaker, the less movement you will achieve.   shaker8b 6. Remove the backing strips from your foam tape very carefully. You don’t want to have any of the filling stick to the foam tape. Place your background face-down, onto the foam tape. Press down well, on all four sides, making sure you have a good seal. shaker9 toes1 Video Tutorial:

The Nerd Institute – Shaker Boxes from Scrapbook Nerd on Vimeo.

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