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Silhouette Savvy Tutorial – Back to Basics

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Hello everyone!,

I hope you all are enjoying some summer relaxation, and getting ready to craft at the 4th On-line Scrapbook Nerd Creative Summer Camp -it promises to be a fun one-.  We have been hard at work preparing lots of fun challenges and games for you all.  In addition, the store is releasing a new cut file (designed exclusively for Scrapbook Nerd by The Cut Shoppe),  “Camp Glamp”, which will work perfectly in your summer crafting projects.
Free digital cut File available at ScrapbookNerd.com
But, do you know how to use a cut file?, or are you intimidated by the Silhouette software?.  I have been there, and YES!, the software looks scary.  However, once you learn the basics of the software, you will be amazed on how a cut file can add some extra detail to your crafting projects.

If you are a newbie at using your Silhouette machine, or just need a refresher on how to cut a simple shape, we have created a short video that will help you jump start your Silhouette Machine (this is my first video, so please forgive the nerves, and my spanish accent).


Here is the written version of the video ( you could have this printed and attach it to the machine’s lid):

  1. Go to File –> Open –> Find File –> Click OK
  2. Trace the shape you want to cut (either open the Trace window, or chose Object –>Trace)
  3. In the Trace Window click Select Trace Area
  4. Use your mouse to highlighht over the image you want to cut in the file
  5. Uncheck High Pass Filter Box
  6. Under Apply Trace Method, click Trace
  7.  Delete the original PNG, SVG or JPG image, or just move it away from the mat image (the machine will only cut what is inside the mat image on the screen)
  8. Now you are ready to cut,  just go to the Cutting window, and follow the prompts to  obtain the settings for the material you are using for the cut-out.   Choose Cut Edge to cut the bright red lines on the cut-file.

My apologies, for not showing you the machine cutting the shape, or the ending cut-out (however, if you have questions about the machine, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am no expert, but i have picked a few tips on the software and machine).  However, once  the shapes were cut, the empty spaces were backed with different papers from My Mind’s Eye “On Trend 2” collection.


For this layout, i used two wheels, but chose to add dimension by attaching them using large pieces of fun-foam under the shape (I wanted to make them look like they were spinning).


a close up of the different dimensions on the page.

Here is a  look at the final layout, and how the shapes were used to create a background for the layout.

Sweet -Silhouette tutorial @scrapbooknerd

So I will encourage you to take a second look at your Silhouette machine,  and if there are any specific topic or something new you would like to learn, let us know so we can help you with it (I promise to keep paying my IT guy -a.k.a. my son-, so he can produce more videos   ).  As always leave me a message here or at the forum if you have any questions or need help with the software.

Till next time,

Happy Crafting!!

Nathalie @ scrapbooknerd.com


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