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String Art


Step by Step paper crafting tutorials @ scraobooknerd.com

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials

http://static.inlinkz.com/ppr.jsBarb @ scrapbooknerd.com Are you a pinterest addict? I know I spend way too much time on there, getting inspired by so many wonderful ideas. Lately, I’ve been in awe of all the string art that I’ve been seeing. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at it. Then I started thinking about how I could make it work on a layout. I decided to give it a try and also decided to share it in a tutorial with you all. In my searches, I was able to find lots of free patterns. I was looking for a pattern for a sun to work on this page that I had planned, and came across a great pattern that I knew would work really well on a layout. First, a look at my finished project:sunshineb How I did it: There are a lot of free patterns out there. Most string art patterns are based on using nails to wrap the string around, but they can be easily adapted for paper crafting, by poking holes through the paper to thread the string through, rather than wrapping the string around nails. Find a pattern that works best for you. The best patterns for a layout would be simpler ones. I found this simple sun pattern on a blog called Etsy New York. sunshine3 I printed the pattern out in the size that I was wanting. I laid it onto my backround paper, and, following the dots on the pattern, poked holes through my paper. sunshine4 Once all the holes were poked, I removed the pattern. This pattern already had the numbers to use as a guide. To make it easier to follow, I used a pencil and lightly wrote the numbers right onto my background paper where the holes were. Starting at number one, I brought my thread (I used embroidery thread) up through the first hole. Then I took the thread across to number two, and took my thread down through the second hole. sunshine5 I continued in this way (up through number three, and down through number four, up through number five and down through number 6 etc., until the pattern was complete. My loose ends were just taped on the backside of my layout. sunshine6 sunshine7 The end result was pretty cool. I love the look and the added texture it gave my finished layout. I can’t wait to give this a try again! sunshine8sunshineb Thanks for checking my blog out. I’d love to see your finished projects if you give this a try. Be sure to either link them up here, on our Facebook Page, Instagram, or in our Forum!


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