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Sunday card share #59

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Sunday card share at scrapbooknerd.com

Today is kind of a special day here on the SN blog, we’re starting a new series this month called Countdown to Christmas. This in an annual feature here and the Nerd Girls will be sharing their holiday inspired projects until November 30th, so check back often.
It’s no secret that we love foiling products from Deco Foil here at Scrapbook Nerd and this holiday season Prima Marketing has released some amazing adhesive rub-ons that are made for foiling. (You can see a list of my supplies at the bottom of this post)
Christmas card using Deco Foil & Adhesive Rub-Ons by Prima Marketing
I think these rub-ons make it easy for anyone to get great results and you don’t need any machines to help you. After transferring the rub-on to your project, cover the image with your selected foil (good side up), then you rub/burnish the foil with your fingers to make it stick to the rub-on. It’s really that easy!

The word hope was added on top of the gold foil using the rub-on word set. Layering different colours of foil is a fun way to add some detail to your project. Christmas card using Deco Foil & Adhesive Rub-Ons by Prima Marketing

It’s difficult to photograph the foil to really show how amazing it looks when you are finished.Christmas card using Deco Foil & Adhesive Rub-Ons by Prima MarketingAnother fun thing you can do is to use the remaining NEGATIVE image to create another project. I made sure that the gold foil from my first card was neatly cut before starting so I would be able to make this second card.
I used an adhesive sheet, rubbed the negative image on, then removed top clear plastic film from the gold foil to expose the adhesive and then added the black foil to that adhesive area. 
Christmas card using Deco Foil & Adhesive Rub-Ons by Prima Marketing

After burnishing the black foil I removed the clear plastic film for the big reveal.
Two projects from one rub-on.

I could have continued and used the next negative image to create a third card if I wanted to but I decided to stop there.Christmas card using Deco Foil & Adhesive Rub-Ons by Prima Marketing

I hope you enjoy this holiday series and find some inspiration for your own holiday projects this year.  If you have any questions let me know in your comments.
Happy crafting!

Joy @ scrapbooknerd.com



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