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Tuesday Tutorial – Cereal Box File Holders

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Paige @ scrapbooknerd.com

In the past two weeks with the kids returning to school, I have had to face two of my least favourite things: making school lunches and piles and piles of papers coming home and landing on my kitchen counter.

While I unfortunately have not found a way to tackle the lunches with paper and glue (and least not in a way that would satisfy my boys), I did decide to create some organizational aids for the papers.


  1. Gather some empty cereal boxes, or other cardboard boxes of a similar size. Cut the top flaps off. cereal box1acereal box1b
  2. Measure from the bottom of the box anywhere between 3″-7″ depending on how much of a top flap you want. Mark this evenly on both side of the box and then draw a line from the top back panel down on an angle on each side.
    cereal box2
  3. Cut down the angled sides and front flap.
    cereal box3
  4. Gather your supplies: For most cereal boxes, you will require two sheets of 12×12 paper, good adhesive (I used my ATG, but you could also use redline tape or good adhesive glue), washi tape, and any decorative labels or stickers you wish to use.Instead of measuring (I’m not a perfectionist), I started by folding approx. 1/2″ over one side of the box, and then continued to fold around the box adhering one side at a time, and cutting off the excess paper. Add washi tape to the edges of the box.
    cereal box4
  5. Add a label to the front of the box as well as any decorative items you want.
    cereal box5cereal box6
  6. Alternately, you can use Gesso and paint to cover the box, and then decorate with stencils and paint or inks and stamps. I am going to use this box (which was thicker cardboard than the cereal boxes) to store stamps or other crafty items.cereal box7apainted box1 img_9163 img_9164
    Thanks for looking!

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