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Tuesday Tutorial–creating wood veneer stamps

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Hello Nerds!

I am here to hare with you a layout of mine, using something that I created for my background. Super easy way to make stamps!

One would think, while looking at all my stamps (and there are quite a bit!) that I would have a choice of patterns, like flowers. Honestly, I don’t.I was looking for a certain type of flower stamp. I surprised myself. lol. I had a vision for my layout, as I wanted to keep my layout very upbeat, and fun.laura Nerd stamp tutorial@scrapbooknerd.com

I then remembered something from a while ago, that a friend of mine had shared. She ended up making her own stamps, with wood veneers. I looked through my wood veneer, and found some shapes. I also found some wine corks (sans wine, of course!), glue dots, and inks.

laura stamp tutorial@scrapbooknerd.com

I adhered a glue dot to the wine cork, and attached the chosen wood veneer.

laura stamp tutorial@scrapbooknerd.com

I then applied ink to the ‘stamp’.

laura stamp tutorial@scrapbooknerd.com

You may have to press several times to cover your shape, depending on the size.

laura stamp tutorial@scrapbooknerd.com

Once satisfied with the coverage, stamp away! As you can see, I used three (3) different types of flowers. After I am finished with my stamping, I now have 3 colored wood veneer, all ready to be used.

laura stamp tutorial@scrapbooknerd.com

As you can see from my layout, I outlined my stamped images. I also added more color with my inks. The possibilities are endless.

laura Nerd stamp tutorial@scrapbooknerd.com

Thank you for allowing me to share with you this little tutorial. It is super easy and fun!





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