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Tutorial Tuesday

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Barb @ scrapbooknerd.com

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Tutorial Tuesday on Scrapbook Nerd.
This week I’m sharing a very quick tutorial and a frugal tip for you.

Have you ever been working on a project, and find that you just don’t have the right embellishments for the page? Maybe it’s a subject matter that isn’t considered common enough that the manufacturers felt the need to create something for, or maybe you just can’t find the right embellishment for. This has happened to me a few times and, after searching and searching through my stash I just can’t find the what I’m looking for.

So. when that happens, I go to Google. Yes, that’s right, Google. I will type in what I’m looking for and search Google images. It’s amazing what you can find on Google.

On my sample layout, I was working on a page from our Mediterrenean trip last year. We had a stop in Athens. I was amazed at all the poppies that ere growing there. When it came time to work on the layout, I could not find the right embellishment to go along with the page and the subject matter. I was just about to resort to the Remembrance Day poppies that we Canadians wear every November 11th, when I thought I would try Google. Sure enough, I found just what I was looking for.


Here’s how easy it is:

1. Pull up Google, or another similar search engine on your computer.
2. Click on Search Images
3. Key in what you’re looking for into the search box.
4. Have fun searching through all the images that come up.
Not all images are equal. You will need to find one that is large enough so that when you resize it, it isn’t pixilated.
5. Once you find your image, you can either save it to your files and then place it into your editing software, or, as I do, copy and paste it into Word. I find this method easiest, and Word allows me to see just how big the image will be when it prints out.


6. Once it is in your editing software or Word programme, all you need to do is size it to suit your needs, and then print it. If it’s a single image, I will print it in three different sizes to use in different clusters. In my sample, I was able to find an image that had many different poppies in the image.
Make sure, when you print, that it is on the highest print setting for the best results. Usually I will just print it out on white cardstock, but on occasion I will print on photo paper.


7. Once printed, all you need to do is cut it out and place it where needed. I will then add in a few other embellishments to make a cluster. In my sample layout, I added black Nuvo Crystals to the center of the poppies to make them look more dimensional.

NOTE: many of the images have a watermark on them. Once they are printed, cut out, and on the page, I find they aren’t that noticeable, and where you do notice it, it can always be covered up with other embellishments layered over top.



Here’s another layout. I couldn’t find some good embellishments for this Japanese restaurant in my stash. I was able to find, and use, the Cherry Blossoms from a print and cut in Silhouette and then I went to Google and found the perfect Geisha Doll image!


There you have it. Next time you can’t find the right embellishment for your page, try Google!

Thanks for checking out my tutorial this week.



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