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Twine Flowers

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Step by Step paper crafting projects

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials

Cathy @ scrapbooknerd.com

I was looking on Pinterest for some new ways to use twine and I stumbled across these cute flowers from Michelle from “Lady of Leisure Ink “guest posting on “The Bug Bytes February 2012”.  I have made a few adjustments to suit my needs and this is what I came up with.

You don’t need any special equipment, if you have twine in your stash I am sure you can find the rest of the items. Here is what you need, Chipboard or cereal box card, or cardboard, a circle punch or something you can trace, a pencil, a ruler, adhesive, dressmaker pins,a large darning type or craft needle, and twine.

First punch or cut out your circles, take your ruler and pencil and mark the circles with 6 lines divide it up like you would for a clock face. (my circles are 2″ )



If using chipboard or cereal box card you will need to take your adhesive and stick 2 circles together, if using thicker cardboard like my example one circle is enough. Next take the pins and push the pins in about half way, in line with your pencil lines.




Next make a loop around 12 o’clock and tie off, continue taking the twine down and winding it around 6 o’clock , back up to 11 o’clock and down to 5 o’clock, and so on.


When you have been around the “loom” once, go around again – for a thicker flower take a 3rd go around, it should look something like this. Leaving a long “tail” (about 12 – 15 inches) cut off the twine and thread the end through your needle. (I found a needle threader was a tremendous help for this step)


Next you need to secure the petals by threading the needle through the back of the petal and back- stitching.


Continue until you have secured all the petals, your flower should look something like this.


Next take your needle and secure the thread by making a few stitches through the centre of the flower.


Remove your pins and your flower is ready to use.


The red and black flowers were made with 3 loops around the circle, the beige was made with 2 loops around the circle. 


july 5






This is how I used my twine flowers.









Happy Crafting ! 

-Cathy Andreana 


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