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Washi Tape Candle Tutorial

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Hi all – Fleur here today to share with you one of my most favorite (yet really easy to make) gifts.  With Christmas coming up these make great little neighbour or teacher gifts and they only take a few minutes to put together.


First up get some plain glass candle holders – these are from Ikea – and some candles. I always give the LED candles with them in case they have kids.


Cover the bottom half of the candle with washi tape.  You could do more if you wanted but I like only doing about half.  You will have to fold and adjust the washi tape as you go.


Once it’s on just rub your fingers over the folds to smooth them over and then you can add your embellishments.


For these I added a little arrow, one of the cute woodland creatures and one of the wooden leaves on the back of the candle holder.

WashiCandle3 WashiCandle4

These are so fun to make and I would love to see if you try making these how they turn out!


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