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Stitching Card Pattern on a Tag

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Step by Step paper crafting projects

Step by Step paper crafting tutorials

Cathy @ scrapbooknerd.com

Photo Play – Cooper & Friends Collection 

I enjoyed pulling out my silly dog photo’s and using the Cooper & Friends collection to document some of Nevada’s antic’s. Our little furry girl is a big part of our family and she has her share of photo’s to be scrapbooked! These papers are the perfect addition to showcase  your precious photo’s of your furry buddy!

I love the look of sewing on a project, and I had a cute, easy, pattern of a dog that I have used on  cards before, so I put it on a tag to add to this layout.

The products you will need, the pattern with instructions, embroidery needle, thread, scissors, tape, foam board and a tag.

Line up the pattern over the tag and punch the holes.  if you are using ink or mist etc do now and let dry before you start to sew. Follow the pattern instructions , for this one basically it is ….. with about 18 inches of thread in the needle start  from the back and thread up through, tape the end of the thread to the back, across in a straight line pull needle down and through, one hole to the left up and across down, one hole to the left up and across down, continue until you have completed the circle, tape thread end to back and cut thread. Be sure to pull the thread tight but not so tight that you bend the tag.

Continue with the pattern instuctions, upon completion the back will look like this.

For the eyes you could use threaded beads, or you could colour in the eyes. I chose to use very small black rhinestones .

Add any embellishments and add to your project!

I have made cards with this technique, but never before thought to add to a layout. Take a look at what you do when you make a card is there something that could be used for a layout? Pinterest has tons of free patterns for this super easy stitching to be used for cards or layouts .  Why not give it a try?

Thanks for looking!

Happy Crafting!


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