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Countdown to Christmas – Day 17 – String Art

Countdown to Christmas general home decor Inspiration Jillibean Soup wood panel snowflake string art

Welcome to Day 17 of our Christmas countdown.

I love string art! Recently I saw somethin on pintererst and was inspired to give it a try.


I used a wood board plaque from Jillibean.  I found a snowflake image on google that I used as my template. I positioned the template where I wanted it on the board and started hammering in the nails.  I left the nails protruding a little.



Once all the nails were in place, I started wrapping the string.  I wrapped each one twice as the baker’s twine was a little to fine.

Once the string was all wrapped, I tore the paper from underneath.


This is the finished product.  I love how it turned out!


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