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Countdown to Christmas – Day Five – Rudolph Tags

Countdown to Christmas general


It’s Day 5 of the Christmas Countdown, and I’m happy to share a simple, cute gift tag.

My sister and nieces and I have had a tradition of getting together in November to make tags and cards. I will be sharing this one with them. Except for the tags and stamps, I got all the other supplies at the Dollar Store, making these very economical.

For the craft tag, I stamped the phrase in red. With the white tag, I decided to emboss in gold embossing powder.

You can cut the cork in half either with a sharp knife on a cutting board, or with sharp scissors (I used Tim Holtz). Then attach to the tag with hot glue, and glue on the red pom pom and googly eyes. Cut a brown or black pipe cleaner in half and twist each into a spiral – attach for antlers. Thread a ribbon through the tag and cut to desired length.

Hope you have fun making some tags of your own!

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