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Personalized Wall Clock Tutorial

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It’s Laura here with a super easy project for you, and it is such fun.
My husband and I (well, actually, more like my husband!) are in the process of renovating our daughter’s room, to make her a big girl’s room. He is in charge of the actual construction, and we (my daughter and I) are in charge of decorating.

One of the things I saw in a website that I loved was a personalized clock. Until I saw the price. Yeah, not happening. I can make it myself; I was determined. lol With all the craft supplies I have on hand, it should not be too much of a challenge.

First, I needed a clock. I picked up a cheap one at the Dollar store.


I then gathered my craft supplies; paper, stickers, glue. For this project, I used Bella Blvd Illustrated Faith’s collections; ‘Whatever is Lovely’ and ‘She Blooms’.lauraswallclocktut@scrapbooknerd.com

I then took the clock gently apart. Set aside parts.


I then took the face cover, placed on the patterned paper I chose as a background, and traced a circle. This will fit onto your clack face, therefore being your background.



Then cut out the circle.

The background circle should fit onto your clock with no issues. You may have to trim a bit here or there.


Now onto the really fun part. The decorating!


I knew I wanted to use those flowers from my page, so I fussy cut them out.


I placed them where I wanted them to be on the clock. Added a bit of glue to adhere them.

Then I turned over the paper to trim the excess papers.


I added more glue to the flowers. As you can see, I had trimmed a hole in the center for the hands. Don’t worry if it is not an actual circle, as you can masquerade it, like I did.

I then took letters and other stickers to personalize it.


Once you are finished, place your face onto the clock body.


Attach the hands, and the cover.


You make paint, or decorate however you want, the outside body of the clock. I ha asked my daughter what she thought, and she suggested some glitter. Oh boy. We compromised with some glitter tape.lauraswallclocktut@scrapbooknerd.com

And there you have it ! A personalized wall clock, at a fraction of the price of the ones in retail. My daughter loves it, and I am quite pleased with the outcome!

Thank you for letting me share with you this lovely project!

laura dt@scrapbooknerd.com

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