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Hello scrappy nerds, Gisele here bringing you a tutorial: the rule of 3 and the visual triangle.

Let’s start with the rule of 3. In decor and other the rule of 3 is used quite a lot. Meaning use 3 of the same thing example: 3 flowers, or usually an odd number things as embellishments.  

In the photo below you can see I have used clusters of enamel dots. There are 3 in each cluster as well. It does not mean they need to be the same colour or size, Just a repetition. Here, in each cluster I have the same colours repeated. It is more pleasing to to look at the LO.

In the next example I have 3 butterflies in descending sizes as they are flying away. This also gives depth.  I also repeated the flower clusters by 3. You have likely noticed I clustered 3 tags in the top left. I added twine to 2 and the other ribbon, just to change it up a bit. Also if you noticed, the brown tag, the word Family and the right brown bottom tag also helps in the rule of 3.

In the next example, the rule of 3 is also evident: the 3 plus signs, the 3 red hearts, the 3 yellow tags. The colour green is repeated as well.


Now lets talk about the visual triangle and this also has the rule of 3 but in a way that makes your eye go around the page. Let’s look at some examples.

First up visual triangle is the repetition of hearts, yes, but the blue ones or the 3 gold hearts. They all form a visual triangle. So your eye travels around the page.

Gisele's Page Detail

Let’s look at another example. In this one: the pink enamel dots that make you go around the page. The repetition of pink in the tags also help the visual triangle.

How about another example? This time, spots of red: bow, title, circle or the red gift, the bow and the title or large circle. If you look closely the rule of 3 is also evident: the 3 white pompoms, or the 3 clusters of blue enamel dots with the pompoms.

The visual triangle here is the repetition of the brown: 2 brown tags and the title is brown.

In this last example, my visual triangle is the clusters of the yellow, the green and the red.

 Hope this helps you in your creations of LOs or cards. Until next time, happy scrapping

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Gisele J - designer at scrapbooknerd.com

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