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Creating with Vellum Tutorial

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Hello Nerds!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I take a step back from my scrapbooking and ask myself, “Is there a supply I love and just haven’t been using much of lately?” When I asked that question this week, there were a couple of things that came immediately to mind: vellum, and embossing powder.

In the past I’ve used these items (with favourite stamps) to create custom embellishments that look just beautiful for relatively low cost and effort.

So, here is what you need to get started

– Sheet of plain vellum (mine was 8.5×11)
vellum sheet– Versamark Ink Pad (if using stamps) or a Versamark Pen if handwriting. I also like to sweep the sheet clean first with the powder tool. Versamark Ink– Any selection of embossing powders in a variety of colours – I particularly like to use/combine with my metallic powders.
Embossing Powders– Any stamps that appeal to you. This time, I chose a few butterfly/dragonfly stamps that are very intricate, as well as a few “word” stamps that are easy to cut or punch out.

And here is the step-by-step for creating a vellum embellishment:

  1. Choose your stamp and blot it in the versa mark ink. This ink is clear, so you just have to make sure you get enough of it on your stamp to make it sticky.
    stamping versamark
  2. Stamp it on your vellum (I put a mousepad/punchpad underneath to help with even distribution). You’ll see it as a clear/shiny stamp.
    versamark butterfly
  3. Spread one or more of the embossing powders onto the stamp.
    gold embossing powder
  4. Fold the vellum to be able to return the leftover powder to the container.
    gold butterfly
  5. Get your heat gun as hot as you can before aiming toward the stamped vellum as the hotter the air, the faster the powder will emboss and reduce the chance of warping of the vellum.
    heat gun
  6. Heat the stamped vellum (with a heat mat behind) until you see it turn shiny.
    heat versa mark
  7. Note that combining different colours can make more elaborate stamps turn out very pretty.
    many coloured powdersmany coloured butterflyembossed multicoloured butterfly
  8. Also, embossing powders work very well with intricate word designs.
    Love embossedThank You embossed
  9. I was able to use a punch to cut out the circle stamps.
  10. For the other stamps, I used small/fine scissors to fussy cut them out.
    fussy cut
  11. I was able to use one embellishment on a layout I had just finished.
    On the Mound layoutclose up vellum embellishment
  12. I chose one of the butterfly embellishments to create a card.
    Shine card
    Have fun creating with vellum and embossing powders!

Paige @ scrapbooknerd.com 


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