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Mixed media on Monday – easy backgrounds

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mixed media Monday at scrapbooknerd.com

Creating backgrounds in a art journal does not have to be complicated and take a lot of time to complete. It can be as simple as a few swipes of leftover paint.

All of the pages I am sharing today were created with leftovers or supplies I was using on another project and instead of just cleaning up after that project I took a few minutes add to some blank art journal pages.

mixed media on Monday at scrapbooknerd.com
The first two pages here are not finished yet, but they are a great starting points and only need a little more work and a focal image. You can see brushstrokes, stencil work, some watery splotches of colour and even some finger painting. Quick ways to add colour to a blank page.mixed media on Monday at scrapbooknerd.com
Here’s one page where I colour blocked with the extra paint, then came back with some stencils, a few more paint colours and a quote to finish it off.  The result is a fun page that took only a 15 minutes or less to create because the background was ready ahead of time.mixed media on Monday at scrapbooknerd.com
I hope you found some inspiration in todays post and feel like you can create simple pages or projects with the leftover supplies on your workspace.

You might even consider a “use it up” journal or book to just create random backgrounds for quick creating later on.
Joy @ scrapbooknerd.com ScrapbookNerd.com

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